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«Hello! I am Elvira Tkachenko, a professional singer and vocal teacher. I learned the art of singing as a student of Chiara Angella, whose teacher was Maestro Luciano Pavarotti.

What distinguishes Italian vocal style and technique namely “bel canto” from other schools and traditions is the idea that one should sing as naturally and easily as they speak. Each student's individuality matters to me since I believe that everyone has a unique singing voice that can be developed. My primary aim is to help you find your distinct timbre, learn how to sing in such a way that it melts your audience’s hearts.

Welcome to my singing school of Italian bel canto!!» - Elvira Tkachenko.


Singing lessons at Scuola Di Canto help our students achieve tangible results. The traditional classical approach to teaching Italian bel canto will get you singing impressively provided that you spare no effort in following teachers’ recommendations.

The classes are conducted by professional teaching staff, truly committed, and experienced vocalists who know the subject inside out. We are by no means swollen-headed amateurs like those who offer doubtful teaching methods and promise instant results. Our qualified teachers know that the art of singing is about solfegé, articulation, acting, foreign language learning, history of art, aesthetics, psychology, pedagogy, and so on.

Extra lessons and masterclasses with Russian and Italian teachers, a chance to study in Italy, preparation for singing competitions and auditions, an opportunity to sing beautifully and your song in a recording studio — we can make all these incredible dreams a reality!

Come to study at our school, you are bound to enjoy it! Even if you won’t pursue a singing career, our lessons will broaden your horizons and make you a musically educated connoisseur of vocal arts. Welcome!

‘Singing without tension’, ‘boosting your voice’, or ‘hitting top notes’ are the most popular searches on the Internet related to vocal arts. I am sure that, primarily, it is your mind that should be relaxed and it is your brain that should be boosted. Before you actually start singing high notes it is important to gain an understanding of what the world of music, singing, and voice are. If you are already an exceptionally gifted singer, this information is of no use to you! Keep on singing or whatever you may call it.

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Here are some practical tips for support singing from our vocal teacher Elvira Tkachenko. Once again you’ll hear that good and quickly seldom meet. Singing is a lifelong learning: no matter how much you achieve, never stop developing your skills for there’s always room for improvement.

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Not long ago our friends' family decided to go to the Bolshoi Theatre to watch a Christmas performance. The father of the family slept peacefully through the entire musical play waking up only between the acts. The tickets cost him an arm and a leg, that’s why he still remembers clearly its title. He really got off lightly and even didn’t end up with a headache that evening. Dear vocalists! If you don’t want your audience to fall fast asleep at your performance, but experience powerful emotions, you have to learn to sing properly. Bel canto isn’t an unattainable ideal, it’s singing as it is! Singing in a way that mesmerizes the audience and captures their imagination.

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Dear friends and vocalists! This video differs from the rest because this time I am not giving any practical advice on how to improve your singing. This video is a small part of my set of lectures on vocal art. The majority of my students prefer the academic singing style and perform classical pieces.

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Dear friends! This video is called On Creating Vocal Images. Don’t underestimate the importance of this topic if you want to sing both beautifully and properly.

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