‘Singing without tension’, ‘boosting your voice’, ‘hitting top notes’

‘Singing without tension’, ‘boosting your voice’, or ‘hitting top notes’ are the most popular searches on the Internet related to vocal arts. I am sure that, primarily, it is your mind that should be relaxed and it is your brain that should be boosted. Before you actually start singing high notes it is important to gain an understanding of what the world of music, singing, and voice are. If you are already an exceptionally gifted singer, this information is of no use to you! Keep on singing or whatever you may call it.

Music is not only about beautiful sounds and poetry of life. It is also the alphabet, arithmetic, history, philosophy, and so on. So here is my advice to all singers and everyone concerned: study the history of music! And you will see things from a different perspective.
After this lyrical digression let me introduce the course about the history of musical education. It is not a dull account of the Middle Ages. It is about our recent past and present and also teaching methodology. Those who listen to the end will realize that music lessons should focus on the individuality of each student to be efficient. Group lessons are designed for beginners to raise their musical awareness.
Good luck, my dear vocalists! Sound lovely and accurate!