What bel canto stands for?

Not long ago our friends' family decided to go to the Bolshoi Theatre to watch a Christmas performance. The father of the family slept peacefully through the entire musical play waking up only between the acts. The tickets cost him an arm and a leg, that’s why he still remembers clearly its title. He really got off lightly and even didn’t end up with a headache that evening. Dear vocalists! If you don’t want your audience to fall fast asleep at your performance, but experience powerful emotions, you have to learn to sing properly. Bel canto isn’t an unattainable ideal, it’s singing as it is! Singing in a way that mesmerizes the audience and captures their imagination.

Learn to sing, dear vocalists!
In this video, you'll learn what bel canto stands for and discover some useful exercises to warm-up your voice. For example, the one that imitates blowing out candles (when they are not birthday ones) to develop your vocal apparatus.
Learn to sing! Learn to sing in such a way that your audience demands encore after encore! We highly recommend our weekly private lessons in Moscow to everyone who wants to take up singing classes and realize their dreams of performing on stage or recording their songs.