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Elvira Tkachenko

Для того чтобы петь надо: научиться брать дыхание, правильно петь согласные и гласные, выстраивать слова и фразы, различать стили и многое другое... Но самое главное - надо иметь сердце и стальные нервы.


Elvira Tkachenko is a vocalist whose voice and vocal delivery never fail to cast a spell over the listener. Nobody can take their eyes off the stage when such an adorable vocalist, who possesses natural charm alongside a genuine vocal talent, is performing. Her lyric soprano with beautiful timbre is utterly captivating.

Such an angelic voice

commented on her vocal prowess Zurab Sotkilava. This complimentary remark proves without a shadow of doubt Elvira’s refined, sweet-toned musical utterance. Indeed, all her time she passionately devotes to signing.

Hours of daily practice, musical competitions, festivals, and recitals have been perfecting her technique and skill, which is only beneficial to her unique timbre. Russian classical songs, both operatic and popular, are what Elvira Tkachenko is widely admired for.

Among Elvira’s music teachers and mentors, there are celebrated vocalists from Russia and Italy, including two internationally acclaimed opera singers, soprano Chiara Angella and baritone Silvio Zanon — student of the famous singer Luciano Pavarotti The president of the Cultural Association and Director of the Opera Vocal Academy “Progetto Voce”. Elvira’s singing talent has won the hearts of many music lovers in Europe, where she gives dazzling performances.

n 2020 Elvira launched her ambitious project — vocal school «Scuola di canto», which provides each student with the foundation needed to get them singing. Classes are conducted by Russian and Italian music professionals, including herself, both at home and abroad.