Are There Really ‘Good’ Or ‘Bad’ Voices?

Some people are entirely convinced that they have a terrible singing voice and possess no talent for singing even before they start attending classes. At the same time, I met discouraged students who spent ample time learning to sing but were constantly criticized for their poor singing abilities. “You are absolutely without a doubt horrible at singing!”, “Sorry, you can’t sing, you just weren’t born for this”, “Listening to you is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard”, “You sound like a dying whale!” — these are only some of the phrases they would hear. The unnecessary cruelty and constant labeling as bad singers are rarely acknowledged by those lousy teachers. Apart from hurting students’ feelings, they also invent various techniques that hardly ever work.

Dear singers and especially vocal teachers! If one wants to be able to sing properly, they shouldn’t have the slightest doubt over the beauty of their voices. All voices can sound amazing. Most importantly, one should sing without tension or strain, improve their voice carefully, select their own repertoire to display the beauty of their voices and show the audience the best of what they’ve got.
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