Video Lessons by Elvira Tkachenko

«МI believe that everyone has a talent for singing. Whether it’s a toddler, who has just pronounced their first sentence, or an adult, who has gone through their ups and downs humming favorite songs.
Only a few people have the ambition to learn how to sing properly, though. Many of them give up halfway through, having faced difficulties. Don’t expect instant results, there is no magic wand that can be waved to turn you into a first-class singer overnight. I've got a better idea of how to make your dream of singing come true: my years of experience and your hard work and determination will break all limits on the way to your success.

In this short video with Elvira Tkachenko, a teacher at Scuola di canto, you will explore the reasons why you should value your individuality. She will also say a couple of words about the importance of orthoepy as well as advise on how to select the right repertoire.

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