Video Lessons by Chiara Angella и Silvio Zanon

Chiara Angella and Silvio Zanon are teachers of the Progetto Voce singing school, (Verona, Italy). Each of them has years of musical experience. Silvio Zanon is also known in Russia, he performed at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, he also visited our country and gave several masterclasses. 

Our cooperation with these wonderful teachers has been going on for several years already. And we are happy to plan and conduct masterclasses in Russia, and Italy, and other countries of the world together.

We offer you several video lectures explaining the fundamentals our Italian professionals teach their students. Lectures by Chiara Angella and Silvio Zanon are designed for those who speak Italian. Those who study academic singing are supposed to have a good command of Italian.

You will find similar lessons in Russian and English at Scuola di canto.

In this video lesson, teachers from "Progetto Voce" (Italy), Chiara Angella, and Silvio Zanon will tell you about the correct voice leading. You will learn how important it is to maintain a vocal position when singing low notes and how important it is to sing without straining your vocal cords.

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On the importance of breathing control. About the amount of air released when singing and its effect on the sound. How to develop legato singing.
Good command of Italian is needed to understand this lecture. If you have problems understanding this video welcome to the Scuola di canto, where the teacher Elvira Tkachenko, a student of these Italian singers, will explain everything in detail.

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